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the storm aftermath, we are tracking damage in the bay area from fallen trees to flooded streets. we've had crews all around the bay today. i'm ama daetz. we do have one lane around richmond is open after a big rig struck a person on the road half an hour ago. we'll have details coming up at 11:00. let's check in with leigh glaser when the rain will return. >> it's been a crazy morning around the bay area with that heavy front moving through.
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you can see behind me live doppler is quiet right now. most of the storm system has moved to the south and east of the bay area. we're not picking up any returns at all. let me show you our 24-hour rainfall totals mainly that occurred this morning. over 2 inches in santa rosa. three inches in mounted st. helena. san francisco inch and a half and lesser amounts as you head towards the santa clara valley. let's take a look at the five day storm totals. three storms moved in here. you can see mount st. helena, close to 13 inches. santa rosa, close to 8 inches as well as san rafael. san francisco close to 4 inches. oakland close to 4 inches and san jose racked up close to 2 1/2 inches. as you mentioned, another system is headed for the bay area, not as strong. we'll take a look at the timing
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coming up. >> a scary situation in pescadero. fire crews had to rescue two drivers who's cars got caught on flooded highway 101. it caught maybe many people off guard due to the sudden rise of water. heavy rain is being blamed for an accident that injured four people. three of them are from the fire district. we do want to a warn you. some of the video may be intense for some viewers. >> you can hear the crunch of an out of control vehicle making impact followed by moments of confusion. then screams for help from firefighters kelly morse. she was one of three members injured in this roadside accident. fire crews were investigating a series of rain related crashes on highway 24 near the exit. >> a third car hit the side of
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our fire engine. then actually rolled over up onto the embankment. >> fire captain and firefighters kelly morgs and one other was rushed to the hospital with non life-threatening injuries. two of them are scheduled for surgery. as he mentioned the fourth victim is not a firefighter. he suffered more serious injuries. >> that person is in critical condition. he received the worst injuries of the four that was struck by the car. i believe he is in surgery right now. >> rollover was actually the third crash here. firefighters first responded to a single vehicle accident and parked their fire truck to shield them from traffic. a second vehicle hit the fire truck. as firefighters were talking to that driver, the third vehicle struck and rolled over causing the injuries. >> california highway patrol are investigating all three crashes.
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no word yet on charges or citations. sergio quintana, "abc 7 news". >> ama: nasty road hazard is causing problems for homeowners in the area. those problems could last for weeks. a section of the drive fallen. it snapped a water main and sewage line. utility workers jumped into action to prevent a major sewage leak. >> it was a major target. road didn't collapse immediately the road had begun to dip and appeared to be failing and they were working on top of the failing road. though were very rapidly through the morning and were able to get the line in before the road finally collapsed. >> ama: the water was diverted under the roadway by debris that
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included logs and sticks and even furniture. area residents are expected to be without water throughout the. >> right a large pothole on a section of highway 4 in pittsburg caused serious problems. drivers couldn't see the hazard in the heavy rain. several cars were lined up on and all the flat tires were caused by the same pothole. >> there are some flooded streets in san francisco as well as fallen trees. lilian kim shows us one neighborhood forced to spend sunday cleaning up. >> the family surveyed the damage. luckily no one it was hurt but the large tree did damage the front and one of their peach trees. he was in the backyard when it happened. >> it would have been tragedy. >> in all the department of public works says they have received 40 calls of downed
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trees. this little boy heard one of them. >> i heard it and i didn't know what it was. i just went to the living room with my brother. yeah, then i went outside and all these trees were here torn down. >> the thoroughfare had to two-trouble spots. walnut street an uprooted tree damaged a prius that was parked on the street. >> obviously it's disappointing. you got go with the insurance process. thankfully i'm insured. as my neighbor put it, you can replace a car. some of these trees have been here 80 to 100 years. >> in addition to toppled trees there were other problems in the city. one snapped on moraga street and northern police station saw significant street flooding that came close to entering the building. >> good news by sunday afternoon we had almost all the major
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problems cleared up. we have smaller trees and branches that will need to get cleared up. we'll give our crews a little bit of a breather. >> well deserved breather. city crews have been working around the clock. all of them should be cleaned up by tomorrow. >> ama: take a look at this. amazing picture of a stuck car the in sheppard cap yon in oakland. peter sent us this picture. he said good samaritans rescued the driver. e-mail your photos to us at ureport. right now there are 5100 customers without power and that is down 300,000 earlier today. we do have more storm aftermath ahead. we'll take you to a flooded mobile home park and a tree that crushed a fence. flooding worries in wine country we'll take touted russian and napa rivers. >> we're getting a nice break, it's not going
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>> ama: the highway patrol says the wet weather played in a crash in daly city. 27-year-old lauren davis died at the scene. she slammed into an abandoned car and was struck from behind by an suv. it shut down norb lanes of the freeway for three hours. >> people in menlo park are doing extra defensive driving after a tree blew down this morning. it came down with enough force to take down a small brick wall. nearby a power outage left drivers without signal lights for about an hour in the early afternoon. >> take a look what is going on in part of vallejo. this is newest mobile city, a
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trailer park, there is a lot of water with no place to go except for the park and into the trailers. several residents have evacuated the area. some cars didn't quite make it out. the water is expected to be there for quite some time. >> bart trains are running again after system power was knocked out twice today. a power shortage knocked out the electricity around 9:00. riders were stranded for about an hour. another circuit failure knocked out the computer system again. this time it took 20 minutes to get the trains rolling again. >> live look at san francisco from the east bay hills this evening, meteorologist leigh glaser is up next to tell us when the rain will be coming back. >> i'm rick kwan. the raiders try to avoid their the raiders try to avoid their mçó4+y?i
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>> ama: people dodged a bullet in sonoma county. the russian river did not overflow. it continues to rise. threat of flooding is something they live with. they received four to ten inches of rain. residents hope when the tide goes out the water will go with it. >> the napa river and nearby creeks are continuing to recede after the latest blast of rain. there was spotty flooding in wine county but not the deluge people had feared. john alston has the story from napa. >> napa river reached the people before 6:00 p.m. tonight. it stayed within the banks and nobody was flooded. officials and residents give credit to the recent flood control budget. >> i'm glad they engineered it correctly and it's working. >> it seems to be working.
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i was a big skeptic, yeah, think it's doing the job. >> the napa river was expected to grow a foot above flood stage which is five miles north of downtown. it's mainly an agricultural area with few homes nearby. >> it's wet around the property. i have a natural drainage swell over the vineyards. hopefully i'll stay dry. >> we are were expecting more rainfall. we had two inches in napa and they were calling from three to seven. just waited nature works. sometimes she works and sometimes not. >> sandbags were not needed. >> we came in this morning. they said, hey, we're not sure what is going to happen. that is what we did. >> as the weather front passes,
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all the flood watches and warnings in effect today have now been cancelled. in napa, john alston, abc7 news. >> we get a little bit of a break. >> a nice break, tonight and tomorrow and then we'll see a weak storm system. i don't want to call it a storm. a weak weathermaker will come in on tuesday and wednesday. the return for moisture but tonight get out there and enjoy it. enjoy the sun. outside we go, live look from sutro cam. nice bright sky and moonshine for you. the fog sitting near the coast. we're going report a little bit of valley fog mainly in the north bay. you can see for yourself not much in the way of returns out there this evening. what a difference, like five to six hours could make because this whole thing was lit up
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earlier this morning as the strong cold front made its way across the bay area. with the clear sky will give way to colder temperatures overnight. we're only lr in the 40s. 46 in napa, 53 in san francisco. redwood city, 49. livermore 48. 51 in antioch. we're going to go with a few clouds overnight. it will be a cooler evening, a dry day for your monday and then the clouds will start to thicken up by tuesday returning to rain. especially in the north bay, a we head into tuesday afternoon. here is a look at lows tonight. remember, we'll on this lookout for some of that dense valley fog developing. we still have a lot of moisture out there. protected valley areas and temperatures will cool off. mid to low 40s in north bay locations. 49 in san francisco and oakland overnight. tonight 47 degrees. here is a look at radar composite and you can see the
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strong cold front that made its way right near the golden gate bridge around 7:00 this morning. then you can see just how quickly it started to press to the south and east. it is out of here. already you can see some of the high and mid-level clouds getting close to the bay area and advanced to the next system that will move in on tuesday. here is a look at the timing, north bay will see the most rainfall out of this system. this is 6:00 a.m. tomorrow morning, a little bit of patchy valley fog here and there. then we'll go with sunshine over the course of the day. early tuesday morning, nothing but clouds will pick up. you can see some of the showers move into the north bay. by 4:00 p.m. they will get close to the golden gate bridge but these are very scattered. then all of this will swing south overnight tuesday and early wednesday morning. rainfall may be a quarter of an
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inch across the bay area with higher elevations in the north bay, an inch maybe two. not a significant storm system but it will bring showers. enjoy the sunshine tomorrow. 53 for antioch, 62 for san francisco. gilroy will warm to 64. 64 in salinas. clouds thicken up tuesday. showers late in the day in the north bay and then after that we'll bring on sunshine thursday friday and sunday. it will start to warm up, too. >> mike shumann is off and rick kwan is in. couldn't win them all. >> three weeks ago the 49ers and rams had to settle for a rare tie at candlestick park. at st. louis, it nearly happened again. after two impressive starts, jim
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harbaugh, gore powers his way in from the 1. that would be their only touchdown. it was still 7-0 when colin kaepernick throws the ball out of bounds. he was flagged for intentional grounding. with san francisco up 10-2, kaepernick it goes over the head. he is in for touchdown. smith can only wonder what if. rams tie it up with a 2-point conversion. it was 10 apiece. kaepernick tries to make up with his mistakes and scrambles and thanks to great blocks. for a 50-yard run the longest by a quarterback in 49er history. that led to a field goal. rams forced overtime. david akers with a chance with a win and this time from 51 yards. st. louis would take advantage.
9:23 pm
david is good from 54 yards. rams win 16-13. despite the loss harbaugh will start kaepernick next sunday. >> it was a tough game for a quarterback to play in. i thought he did well. i'll let you know if there is a change. right now, it will be the same as it was this week. >> and seattle went to overtime against chicago. russell wilson finds rice who makes the catch before taking a shot at the goal line. it's ruled a touchdown. seahawks win 23-17 and they lead the n.f.c. wildcard race. >> for the raiders it was a november to forget as they lost all four of those their games. so they playing the browns would help turn things around. these are hard times for the raider faithful.
9:24 pm
quarterback threw for a career high of 364 yards, finds josh gordon. oakland gets into the end zone. carson palmer to rod streeter, e lead is down to three. they were going for a tying field goal but he under throws and it is picked off. browns ate up the clock with a long drive, richardson scores. raiders still lose their fifth straight, 20-17. the coach says palmer's pick was a real killer. >> we can't turn the ball over like that. we got all the momentum. we are moving the ball. we can't have that self-inflicted wound right there we need to get rid of it. we can't make that mistake. >> former stanford star andrew luck continues his superb
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season. colts rally to beat detroit 35-33. it's now officially, stanford will take on wisconsin in the rose bowl january 1st. meanwhile, san jose state which is ranked 24th in the polls will take on bowling green in the military bowl 27th in washington, d.c. >> in college hoops the stanford men placed host to denver. cardinals jumped out to a 15-point lead. here is 2 of his 19 points. christian sanders and puts it in between three defenders. stanford cruises and powell scored a career high 29. cardinals improve to 6-3. and cal men lost for the first time this season falling to wisconsin, 81-56. the bears are 6-1.
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coming up tonight at 11:00, we'll update you on the flooded mobile home park in vallejo and sinkhole in lafayette and the progress they have made. that is coming up at 11:00. viewers are sending us storm photos. here is the ashby tunnel in berkeley. if you look where the tunnel ends you can see water pouring in from the side. in san francisco, the intersection at masonic and fell is flooded. if you took any photos of the weather e-mail them to us. a storm watch continues. we'll have updates

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